Fish Soup

Carp fish soup890 Ft
Korhely- Carp fish1090 Ft
Catfish chowder1090 Ft
‌Korhely-catfish chowder1190 Ft
‌Aristocratic fish soup‌1290 Ft
‌King fish soup‌1490 Ft

Freshwater fish dishes

Fried carp waist1090 Ft
Roast trout interspersed 75 Ft/dkg
Roasted walleye with the matching spices75 Ft/dkg
Grilled catfish fillet from Tisza with creamy dill dressing1390 Ft
Pike perch a‘la Balaton‌1690 Ft
‌Fried flatfish fillet‌1690 Ft
‌Spit roast shrimp1990 Ft
‌Grilled tuna fillet‌2590 Ft

Dressings for fish dishes

Cheese sauce 390 Ft
‌Creamy dill sauce‌390 Ft
‌Garlic sauce‌390 Ft
‌Brown sauce with apple‌390 Ft
‌Aioli saucec290 Ft
‌Tartar sauce‌390 Ft

Salads, Appetizers

4 kinds of cheese platter 1290 Ft
Ceasar salad with hot chopped pullet 1490 Ft
‌Greek salad1190 Ft
Salad with dill cottage cheese and grated cheese‌1090 Ft
Sopska salad with parmesan‌1090 Ft
Aubergin with onion and tomatoes‌1090 Ft
‌Tatar beefsteak with vegetables‌2490 Ft
‌Grilled chicken liver wrapped in bacon with salad‌1290 Ft

  Friendly and vegetarian dishes

Fried trappist cheese in nut coat1090 Ft
Fried mushroom stuffed with dill sheep cottage cheese1290 Ft
‌Grilled „gomolya” cheese with fresh vegetables‌1390 Ft
‌Cottage cheese dumplings with vanilla custard‌1090 Ft
‌Grilled „gomolya” cheese with fresh vegetables‌1090 Ft
‌Fried broccoli with tartar sauce‌1090 Ft


Raspberry yogurt cream soup with lime ice cream 890 Ft
Hen chicken soup with noodles in bowl 890 Ft
Orja soup with vermicelli 890 Ft
‌Garlic soup in rye loaf‌990 Ft
‌Broth with vegetables and liver dumplings in a cup‌690 Ft
‌Goulash soup‌990 Ft
‌Bean soup a‘la Jokai‌990 Ft
‌Broccoli cream soup with bread cuben in a cup‌790 Ft


Fried turkey breast stuffed with camambert and ham1490 Ft
Duck leg roasted in furnace with steamed cabbage1690 Ft
Borzacska ( Mixed grated potatoes,egg,garlic, and spices, than plunge the meat this posh and fried )1590 Ft
‌Spring chicken breast stuffed with dill sheep cottage cheese‌1490 Ft
‌Grilled chicken leg fillet‌1290 Ft
‌Goose liver a‘la Lyon‌3190 Ft
‌Chicken breast in almond coat stuffed with dried fruits‌1590 Ft
‌Chicken breast rolled in bacon, with sheep cottage cheese sauce‌1590 Ft
‌Roasted Chicken breast a‘la Four Season style (with ham and cheese sauce)‌1490 Ft
‌Quilted roast duck breast with garlic dripping‌1890 Ft

  Pork dishes

Pork tenderloin a‘la Szoboszlo1490 Ft
Gipsy roast with smoked bacon1290 Ft
Pork chop in homemade bread crumb coat1290 Ft
Full knuckle roasted in furnace1690 Ft
‌Variation of knuckle in rye loaf roasted in furnace‌1990 Ft
‌Grilled pork chuck with gourmet ragout (onion,bacon,sausages)‌1490 Ft
‌Bowl a‘la Four Season for 2 persons ( fried pork chop, stuffed pork, stuffed turkey, rustic pullet breast, Paris garnish)‌3490 Ft
‌Bark bowl for 4 persons (grilled chicken, roasted knuckle, fried mushroom,fried cheese, turkey breast stuffed with ham and cheese, roundel)‌5690 Ft
Rustic bowl for 2 persons (roasted knuckle, smoked boiled knuckle, bacon, grilled debreceni sausage, steamed cabbage, boiled potatoe)‌3490 Ft

Lamb, veal, and beef dishes

Veal stew2390 Ft
‌Loin steak a‘la Four season (ragout with red wine, mushroom, and goose liver)‌2490 Ft
Loin stuffed with chive sheep cottage cheese in green pepper sauce‌2490 Ft
‌Beffsteak Budapest style‌2690 Ft
‌Lamb steak with rosemary‌2990 Ft
‌Lamb steak with garlic a‘la farm owner (ragout with smoked bacon, ham and onion)‌3190 Ft

Meals from the Hajdúság organic farm

Bio racka - sheep goulash1290 Ft
‌Hungarian grey beef goulash‌1790 Ft
‌Hungarian pork roast a‘la Angyalhaz (grilled chuck, ragout with bacon and onion)‌1790 Ft

Chef recommends

Turkey breast roasted in furnace a‘la Landlady with cheese sauce1690 Ft
‌Meal of Lanchelot for 2 persons (roasted knuckle, duck leg, bacon, steamed cabbage)‌3390 Ft
‌Boar goulash a‘la Hargita‌1390 Ft
‌Garlic deer fillet with sour cherry sauce‌1790 Ft
‌Deer a‘la Sevilla style (spanish sauce with orange)‌1790 Ft
‌Roe stew‌1490 Ft


Roundel with garlic sour cream and smoked cheese1190 Ft
Sztrapacska with sheep cottage cheese1090 Ft
Cottage cheese pasta with greaves990 Ft
‌Spaghetti a'la Bolognese‌1190 Ft
‌Pancakes (jam, sweet cottage cheese, cacao, chocolate, cinnamon, nutella)‌290 Ft

Dishes for Kids

Fruit soup in a cup590 Ft
Broth soup with vermicelli490  Ft
‌Goulash soup in a cup‌690  Ft
‌Grilled pullet breast‌690  Ft
‌Grilled pullet breast‌790  Ft
‌Fried pork slices          ‌690  Ft


Creamy potatoe slices490 Ft
Steak potatoe390 Ft
Baked potatoe390 Ft
Fried potates 390 Ft
‌Duchess potatoes‌490 Ft
‌Spices steak potatoe‌390 Ft
‌Potatoe croquet‌390 Ft
‌Nut potatoe‌490 Ft
Parsley buttered potatoes‌390 Ft
‌Jasmine rice‌390 Ft
Noodle‌390 Ft
‌Roasted vegetabless490 Ft
Steamed vegetables with buttered‌490 Ft


Cucumber salad490 Ft
Tomatoe salad490 Ft
Mixed cut salad390 Ft
Pickled cucumbers390 Ft
Paprika stuffed with pickles cabbage490 Ft
‌Red beet‌390 Ft
‌Mongolian coleslaw‌390 Ft
‌Shallots‌490 Ft
‌Fresch mixed garnish‌490 Ft
Slice of bread‌30 Ft


Cold cottage cheese dumplings with raspberry sauce990 Ft
Pancake a‘la Gundel790 Ft
‌Pancake stuffed with vanilla ice cream, poured with cherry rum sauce‌890 Ft
‌2 pieces of pancake stuffed with banana, poured with strawberry sauce‌890 Ft
‌Chocolate ice cream with chestnut puree‌890 Ft
‌Sundae a‘la „Four Season”‌790 Ft
‌Gourmet Sundae‌890 Ft

We kindly invite the guests to our confectionery, to taste delicious pastry and cakes, made of the finest natural ingredients, with greatest care and attention. Besides the traditional, well known tastes, we await the sweet toothed with a variety of new, exciting  products.

Bástya Cukrászda

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