Restaurant Halász



Fish soup

Carp fish soup890,- Ft
Korhely- Carp fish1090,- Ft
Catfish chowder1090,- Ft
Korhely-catfish chowder1190,- Ft
Aristocratic fish soup1290,- Ft
King fish soup1490,- Ft


Freshwater fish dishes

Fried carp waist1090,- Ft
Roast trout interspersed75,- Ft / dkg
Roasted walleye with the matching spices75,- Ft / dkg
Grilled catfish fillet from Tisza with creamy dill dressing1390,- Ft
Pike perch a‘la Balaton1690,- Ft
Fried flatfish fillet1690,- Ft
Spit roast shrimp1990,- Ft
Grilled tuna fillet2590,- Ft


Dressings for fish dishes

Cheese sauce390,- Ft
Creamy dill sauce390,- Ft
Garlic sauce
390,- Ft
Brown sauce with apple390,- Ft
Aioli sauce290,- Ft
Tartar sauce390,- Ft


Salads, Appetizers

4 kinds of cheese platter1290,- Ft
Ceasar salad with hot chopped pullet1490,- Ft
Greek salad1190,- Ft
Salad with dill cottage cheese and grated cheese1090,- Ft
Sopska salad with parmesan1090,- Ft
Aubergin with onion and tomatoes1090,- Ft
Tatar beefsteak with vegetables2490,-Ft
Grilled chicken liver wrapped in bacon with salad1290,- Ft


Friendly and vegetarian dishes

Fried trappist cheese in nut coat1090,-Ft
Fried mushroom stuffed with dill sheep cottage cheese1290,- Ft
Grilled „gomolya” cheese with fresh vegetables
1390,- Ft
Cottage cheese dumplings with vanilla custard1090,-Ft
Grilled „gomolya” cheese with fresh vegetables1090,-Ft
Fried broccoli with tartar sauce1090,-Ft



Raspberry yogurt cream soup with lime ice cream890,- Ft
Hen chicken soup with noodles in bowl890,- Ft
Orja soup with vermicelli890,- Ft
Garlic soup in rye loaf990,- Ft
Broth with vegetables and liver dumplings in a cup690,- Ft
Goulash soup990,- Ft
Bean soup a‘la Jokai990,- Ft
Broccoli cream soup with bread cuben in a cup790,- Ft



Fried turkey breast stuffed with camambert and ham1490,- Ft
Duck leg roasted in furnace with steamed cabbage1690,- Ft
Borzacska ( Mixed grated potatoes,egg,garlic, and spices, than plunge the meat this posh and fried )1590,- Ft
Spring chicken breast stuffed with dill sheep cottage cheese1490,- Ft
Grilled chicken leg fillet1290,- Ft
Goose liver a‘la Lyon3190,- Ft
Chicken breast in almond coat stuffed with dried fruits1590,- Ft
Chicken breast rolled in bacon, with sheep cottage cheese sauce1590,- Ft
Roasted Chicken breast a‘la Four Season style (with ham and cheese sauce)1490,- Ft
Quilted roast duck breast with garlic dripping
1890,- Ft


Pork dishes

Pork tenderloin a‘la Szoboszlo1490,- Ft
Gipsy roast with smoked bacon1290,- Ft
Pork chop in homemade bread crumb coat1290,- Ft
Full knuckle roasted in furnace1690,- Ft
Variation of knuckle in rye loaf roasted in furnace1990,- Ft
Grilled pork chuck with gourmet ragout (onion,bacon,sausages)1490,- Ft
Bowl a‘la Four Season for 2 persons ( fried pork chop, stuffed pork, stuffed turkey, rustic pullet breast, Paris garnish)3490,- Ft
Bark bowl for 4 persons (grilled chicken, roasted knuckle, fried mushroom,fried cheese, turkey breast stuffed with ham and cheese, roundel)5690,- Ft
Rustic bowl for 2 persons (roasted knuckle, smoked boiled knuckle, bacon, grilled debreceni sausage, steamed cabbage, boiled potatoe)3490,- Ft


Lamb , veal and beef dishes

Veal stew2390,-Ft
Loin steak a‘la Four season (ragout with red wine, mushroom, and goose liver)2490,-Ft
Loin stuffed with chive sheep cottage cheese in green pepper sauce2490,-Ft
Beffsteak Budapest style2690,-Ft
Lamb steak with rosemary2990,-Ft
Lamb steak with garlic a‘la farm owner (ragout with smoked bacon, ham and onion)3190,-Ft


Meals from the Hajdúság organic farm

Bio racka- sheep goulash1290,-Ft
Hungarian grey beef goulash1790,-Ft
Hungarian pork roast a‘la Angyalhaz (grilled chuck, ragout with bacon and onion)


Chef recommends

Turkey breast roasted in furnace a‘la Landlady with cheese sauce1690,-Ft
Meal of Lanchelot for 2 persons (roasted knuckle, duck leg, bacon, steamed cabbage)3390,-Ft
Boar goulash a‘la Hargita1390,-Ft
Garlic deer fillet with sour cherry sauce1790,-Ft
Deer a‘la Sevilla style (spanish sauce with orange)1790,-Ft
Roe stew1490,-Ft



Roundel with garlic sour cream and smoked cheese1190,- Ft
Sztrapacska with sheep cottage cheese1090,- Ft
Cottage cheese pasta with greaves
990,- Ft
Spaghetti a'la Bolognese1190,- Ft
Pancakes (jam, sweet cottage cheese, cacao, chocolate, cinnamon, nutella)290,- Ft


Dishes for kids

Fruit soup in a cup590,-Ft
Broth soup with vermicelli490,-Ft
Goulash soup in a cup690,-Ft
Grilled pullet breast690,-Ft
Fried turkey breast790,-Ft
Fried pork slices690,-Ft



Creamy potatoe slices490,-Ft
Steak potatoe390,-Ft
Baked potatoe390,- Ft
Fried potates
390,- Ft
Duchess potatoes
Spices steak potatoe
390,- Ft
Potatoe croquet
390,- Ft
Nut potatoe
Parsley buttered potatoes
390,- Ft
Jasmine rice
390,- Ft
390,- Ft
Roasted vegetabless
Steamed vegetables with buttered



Cucumber salad490,-Ft
Tomatoe salad490,-Ft
Mixed cut salad390,-Ft
Pickled cucmbers390,-Ft
Paprika stuffed with pickles cabbage490,-Ft
Red beet390,-Ft
Mongolian coleslaw390,-Ft
Fresch mixed garnish490,-Ft
Slice of bread30,-Ft



Cold cottage cheese dumplings with raspberry sauce990,- Ft
Pancake a‘la Gundel790,-Ft
Pancake stuffed with vanilla ice cream, poured with cherry rum sauce890,-Ft
2 pieces of pancake stuffed with banana, poured with strawberry sauce890.-Ft
Chocolate ice cream with chestnut puree890,-Ft
Sundae a‘la „Four Season”790,-Ft
Gourmet Sundae890,- Ft